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Eye Supplements

VitaminsNew studies show that less than 25% of the adult population consumes the five to nine fruits and vegetables a day currently recommended to prevent disease. In compliance with a recent physician intervention "Call to Action" from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the physicians at Shepherd Eye recommend that all our patients supplement their diet with a full-spectrum multiple to slow the progression of chronic degenerative diseases associated with poor eating habits and the aging process. After extensive research, we recommend the full-spectrum multiples Oculair (formerly Syntrx Complete), or the more potent Macula Complete, from Biosyntrx. These formulations can be purchased in our office, or they can be conveniently delivered every month directly to your home with an on-line purchase on the Biosyntrx web site



VitaminsDid you know landmark studies show that the progression of Macular Degeneration can be slowed down by more than 25 percent with full-spectrum nutritional supplementation. We recommend the super-potent Macula Complete for our patients with macular degeneration. You do not need to take any other supplements when you take Macula Complete. This one product contains all the vitamins and supplements that many people buy separately at health food stores. It can be purchased in our office, or it can be conveniently delivered every month directly to your home from the Biosyntrx web site




VitaminsAlmost 50 percent of the Las Vegas population suffers from dry eyes. BioTears Oral GelCaps are our first-line treatment- of-choice for our dry eye patients. With the more bio available black current oil and omega 6 fatty acids, this product is not only a great relief for dry eyes but also benefits your heart, skin and mucous membranes. BioTears Oral GelCaps are available in our office, or they can be conveniently delivered directly to your home from the Biosyntrx web site